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JäteAppi iconJäteAppi

JäteAppi is a mobile application which can be used to report the status of waste bins at multiple locations. The user can also view waste sorting information and report other situations to maintenance company. The app is in testing phase at the moment.

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Alien Explorer iconAlien Explorer

"Help a shipwrecked alien as you adventure through over 40 exiting levels varying from ancient ruins to an active volcano in search for a way to escape the perilous planet. Alien Explorer is a fascinating game where you control the alien hero's ship by simply tilting your device. Make your way through dangerous traps and challenging puzzles as you discover more of the alien's story."

"The game features beautiful graphics and an easy to learn control scheme with zero buttons. Tilt your device to control the ship with precise accuracy. Play through levels to uncover hidden treasures while unlocking achievements as the story progresses."

Thanks to our friends and families for some great suggestions and play testing.

Special thanks to Timo Huttunen for providing the music for this game.

Alien Explorer is out now for your iOS and Android devices.

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Kymi Kayaking iconKymi Kayaking

Fight the rapids of Kymi river in this exciting kayaking game.

Kymi Kayaking is an easy to play Kayaking game where you steer a kayak through the rapids of Kymi river.

The game features a beautiful scenery of Kymi river and the nature around it. Paddle by tapping left and right sides of the screen and master the rapids of Kymi river. Be the ultimate paddler and get the best times and collect all the stars from each level.

Get Kymi Kayaking now for your Android device.

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About us

Perilune is a Finnish company located in Kotka. Perilune was founded in 2013 as an independent, privately held software company focusing mainly on entertainment applications for mobile platforms like Android and iPhone.

We thrive to make our apps fun and accessible. We pay extra attention in making our products fast and easy to use.

Perilune's team is:

  • Jarno Niemelä
  • Jarkko Paldán
  • Mika Koivistoinen
  • Aleksi Uusitalo

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You can contact us by email: info@perilune.fi

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